renumber_pdb Server Documentation


renumber_pdb is a tool for renumbering any PDB structure with new chains and residue numbers. In theory you could pass a chain and residue number for every single residue, e.g. "A:1 A:2 A:3" and so on. Thankfully, we support (and recommend) a more condensed notation: the above could be summarized as A:1-3.

Please cite the following article when referring to results from our ROSIE server:

  1. Watkins, A. M.; Das, R. "FARFAR2: Improved de novo Rosetta prediction of complex global RNA folds. bioRxiv 764449; doi:

  2. Lyskov S, Chou FC, Conchúir SÓ, Der BS, Drew K, Kuroda D, Xu J, Weitzner BD, Renfrew PD, Sripakdeevong P, Borgo B, Havranek JJ, Kuhlman B, Kortemme T, Bonneau R, Gray JJ, Das R., "Serverification of Molecular Modeling Applications: The Rosetta Online Server That Includes Everyone (ROSIE)". PLoS One. 2013 May 22;8(5):e63906. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0063906. Print 2013. Link

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Modeling tools developed by the Das Lab at Stanford University. The Rosie implementation was developed by Andrew Watkins and Sergey Lyskov.