Submit a new FARFAR (RNA De Novo) job

You can submit FARFAR job by specifying ether Sequence/Secondary Structure or

Type here sequence of A,C,G,U with a space, +, or * between strands. Example: cgaaag+cgaaag

Type here secondary structure in dot-bracket notation, again with space, +, or * between strands. example: (....(+)....)
Can have up to one non-nested stem, which should be specified with square brackets.
Inputting secondary structure is optional for single-stranded cases, but required for multi-strand motifs.

Upload experimental 1H chemical shift data in STAR v2.1 format. Please see documentation for further instructions.

Trial run. Generate only one structure (Later can be converted to a full run)
Full run.

Vary bond lengths and angles

High resolution, optimize RNA after fragment assembly

Allow bulge (include entropic score term to favor extra-helical bulge conformations)

Use updated (2012) force-field

Number of structures to generate: [max is 50000]

Number of Monte Carlo cycles: [max is 100000]


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